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Custom - made massage

Head and cervical spine massage 45 min.
26 EUR
Swedish massage 60 min.
Massage to release a muscle tension.
40 EUR
Relaxing oil massage 60 min.
36 EUR
Reflex foot massage 30 min.
25 EUR
Reflex back massage 45 min.
30 EUR
Hand massage with wrap 40min.
25 EUR

Special massage treatments with [ comfort zone ]

Tranquillity Anti–Stress SPA Massage 75 min.
56 EUR
Hot Stone Aroma Ritual Massage 60 min.
Aromatic massage with hot stones. Ideal to relax strained muscles, aching joints and ligaments. Aroma blend promotes lymphatic drainage and detoxifies the organism effectively. Suitable for repeated illnesses during the cold season.
54 EUR
Aroma - soul - Massage of 4 Cultures 60 min.
Massage incorporating the best of Oriental, Indian, Arabic and Mediterranean massage. Improves blood circulation, returns harmony, and restores lost energy
60 EUR
Detox massage with himalayan salt 60 min.
68 EUR

Body wrap [ comfort zone ]

Volcanic body scrub 60 min.
Moisturizing and rejuvenating peeling. Removes dead cells and softens the skin.
48 EUR
Body Strategist Thermo Attack 75 min.
Intensive treatment against resistant cellulite with local fats. Visibly improves microcirculation supports the remodeling of contours of the body.
68 EUR
Body Strategist Detoxifying Mud - Grotta Guisti 75 min.
Detoxifying and slimming wrap for men and women. It delivers skin to the miner's needs, returns energy, relieves pain and tension. It helps tired muscles and joints as well.
76 EUR
Body Strategist Thermal Mud - Bagni di Pisa 75 min.
68 EUR
Body Strategist Drainage Wrap 75 min.
Intensive aromatherapy with essential oils against cellulite. It brings an instant feeling of lightness.
68 EUR
Body Strategist Algae Reshape
Strengthening and remodeling wrap with alginate and laminaria algae. Stimulates lipolysis, remineralizes and hydrates. For all types of cellulite
88 EUR
New Mum wrap treatment
Post-partum wrap restores strength, flexibility and vitality to the skin.
68 EUR
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